What’s New

August 2019

Our Church building keeps changing!  Here is a snapshot of what is happening and what to expect next.

We have received an updated damage assessment from the insurance company. The claim will remain open for the time being, to allow for further adjustments. The first check should arrive shortly after that is finalized.  The FEMA damage assessment is done too.  So, we have started drafting the first RFP’s (request for proposals) to send out to contractors.

During the next month we will be shopping for another sanctuary door.  Our volunteers will be finishing up the electrical and lighting work.  We also hope to finish the new wall behind the sanctuary, and we will be asking for volunteers to help install sheetrock.  The new administrative office is due to have heat and window shades installed soon.  thanks to all the volunteers who have helped so far – over 1,200 hours – breaking down the old walls, building new ones, rewiring, painting, moving furniture, and cleaning up. You are making the renovation possible!

Your Church Earthquake Committee