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Earthquake Update

“The Earthquake Restoration Committee is in the final stages of its work, as commissioned by the Trustees.

The Committee’s purpose has been to identify needed repairs and potential improvements (that could be made most efficiently during repairs) with associated costs, in addition to potential sources of funding.  The Committee will provide a report to the Trustees, who will then suggest a repair/improvement program to the Session.  The Session can then inform the congregation on those items under consideration for members to provide input to inform the Session’s decision.

The Committee is currently drafting its final report to the Trustees.  For the report, the Committee has already collected cost estimates from local contractors and is determining which repairs could be completed by volunteers from our congregation.  The Committee is still trying to determine if there is roof damage from the earthquake and if insurance would cover the repair.  Outside funding sources considered included FEMA, State of Alaska Emergency Management, and private loans, along with funding options within our denomination, the PCUSA.  Based on preliminary briefs on this research, the Session voted to apply for loans from FEMA and the PCUSA.  The Trustees will not contract any work until funding is secured.  However, tenant space repairs are already complete using PCUSA grant funding.

Please provide input the Committee Chair, Paul Cartland, on any damage you may have noticed around the church, to make sure no needed repair is missed.  Please also pray for the Committee, Trustees, and the Session as this work continues.”